The Success Of This Next Move Of God In Business Requires Having CEOs With His Apostolic Mindset


"God's Doing A New Thing...And YOU'RE IT!"

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You Know God's Called YOU to BUILD Kingdom Through Business... 

"I'm Not An Apostle"

That's what I said when God started talking to me about His model for developing leaders...especially leaders called to BUILD Kingdom through business. I got hung up on the word and how most of the Church doesn't know or doesn't agree on what a true Apostle is. That is not the point. This series is not about labeling you as an apostle
It's about giving you understanding of the developmental milestone you will experience as you grow as a CEO or Owner of a Kingdom-driven business.

Without this understanding, I misinterpreted the events in my life. That misinterpretation led to depression and almost bankruptcy. I am sharing this with you to normalize a process that is modeled in scripture. 
Abraham, Moses, Gideon, Esther, Deborah, Paul and even Jesus went through this development process.
If they went through it, shouldn't you know what it is and most importantly WHY IT IS NECESSARY?
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You might be in God's Development Process if...

  • You are a Kingdom business owner or CEO called by God to be in business because you sense prophetically that He is moving in business and you want to be a part of the new thing He is doing
  • ​Even as a mature believer, you find yourself in cycles of unexplainable breakdowns, conflicts, or struggles with self-doubt
  • You have new ideas but push them aside thinking it's not the right time, when really, you secretly hope God gives that idea to someone else because you don't have the capacity to deal with developing a new thing
  • ​You get revelations from God and His word that you initially think are so crazy, then you begin to see other people preaching, prophesying, or confirming what you heard in your alone time with Him
  • ​As your business grows more successful, stewarding the responsibility, influence, and money becomes more and more important
 Julia is a powerhouse prayer warrior with the gift of discernment, a warm and approachable personality, and a sense of humor to top it all off! She has the ability to see through a situation and pull out the wisdom of God. She is everyone's biggest cheerleader and can help to shift and shape cultures in the best way possible! I highly recommend her services for any business that is wanting to take new territory or better steward their current assignment.
~ Kelli B., Florida
 Julia Winston is a Warrior! I have had the pleasure of working with her, and praying with her. And the experience has been consistent. Considerate, effective, and fervent prayer . She carries breakthrough and I highly recommend her for any initiative that requires an upgrade!  
~ George Galindo, Texas

About Julia M. Winston, M. Ed

Julia M. Winston is the Founder and Chief Alignment Officer at BRAVE Leadership Consulting. BRAVE is a prophetic business consulting firm specializing in helping elite business owners increase their income and impact while deepen their relationship with God as they advance His Kingdom through business.

Julia has done leadership development and coaching work for individuals and organizations such as GE, Chick-Fil-A, The City of Oxford, American Association of University Women, US Department of Agriculture, Fisk University, and Baptist Hospital Memphis.

Julia is a former member of the Forbes Coaches Council. She holds two coaching certifications from the World Coaching Institute. She also has a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Development from Xavier University. She is an award-winning speaker and trainer.
She has written for online journals such as Forbes and has been quoted in many others.

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